Ceramic Screw SI04

Ceramic Screw SI04

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Pack of 10 Ceramic Screws SI04

For MRI applications care must be taken to limit the amount of magnetically susceptible metal inside the MRI scanner. Particularly, if any screws are included for implant fixation, the use of ceramic material will limit the distortion caused to the MRI scan. Therefore it is recommended to fix implants with ceramic screws. Thomas RECORDING offers a set of 5 different ceramic screws made of zirconium oxide.

These screws were developed and firstly used by Prof. Dr. Nikos Logothetis at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tuebingen, Germany. The ceramic screws were tested on MR quality control phantoms and were found to have no effects on the homogeneity of the B0 field of the magnet. In addition the material was chosen to be tissue compatible and are surface roughened to optimize the bone and skin implant interface. Thomas RECORDING is the worldwide sole distributor of these high quality ceramic screws. Our ceramic screws are used by leading neuroscientists all over the world.

The ceramic screw type SI was the first version available from Thomas RECORDING for neurophysiological applications. It is a hexagon socket countersunk head screw available in two different total lengths of 6.4mm and 8.4mm. The cylindrically portion of the screw from the underside of the head to the tip is known as the shank which is partially threaded. The distance between each thread is called “pitch”. The thread of the SI screws looks like the one of self-cutting titanium bone screws but it is different. The ceramic screw is not self-cutting. Therefore a special drill and wrench is required to insert these screws in bone tissue (see TREC ceramic screw tools).

These screws are not intended to be used in human medical applications.

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