Multitrode Type II

Multitrode Type II

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The Thomas RECORDING Multitrode is a robust, multiuse, multicontact stainless steel electrode with an electrode array consisting of 7 gold contacts. The contact diameter is 40µm with a spacing of 125µm between the contacts.

The frontal probe section has a length of 99mm and an outer diameter of 300µm.  The total length of the probe is app. 110mm. At the top end of the electrode is a printed circuit board with connection cables. The probe connector is a compact multicontact connector, but other connectors are available on request.

The probe tip is electrically connected to the electrode connector as an eights electrode contact and has a distance of app. 650-700µm to the first electrode array contact. (Optionally available: Multitrode type I, length: 136mm or MRI-compatible Multitrode)

If you require other connectors please contact us.

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