Titanium Bone Screw, 2x16mm

Titanium Bone Screw, 2x16mm

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Package of 10 self-drilling Titanium Bone Screws 2x16mm

Thomas RECORDING offers two different kinds of titanium bone screws for animal research purposes. For the manufacture of the titanium bone screws highest grade titanium is used. The screws are self-tapping bone screws available in different lengths. The titanium bone screws have a high biocompatibility, a very high solidity, are less reflecting than steel and have a self-cutting shaft. Special screw drivers are also available for our titanium bone screw series. Self-drilling and self-cutting titanium bone screws are available. The self-drilling screw type has a silver color for easy differentiation from the only self-cutting titanium bone screws.

Features of the self-drilling titanium bone screws are:

  • Self-drilling does not require predrilling and therefore reduces operating time
  • Self-drilling with self-fitting screw heads
  • Self-drilling and self-cutting with sharp screw tip for easy insertion
  • Special cross head together with special screw driver allows one hand screw insertion
  • Self-drilling in silver color for easy differentiation from only self-cutting screw type
  • Manufactured from high quality titanium
  • Quality label “Made in GERMANY”

Please pay attention to the fact that the titanium bone screws are not intend for the use in human medical applications.

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Screw driver for 2mm titanium bone screws Screw driver for 2mm titanium bone screws
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