Silicone Oil M-1000

Silicone Oil M-1000

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The silicone oil M-1000 is a liquid, water-clear polydimethyl siloxane. It differs from organic compounds in both their physical and chemical properties which, singly or in combination, has won M-1000 silicone oil a special place in this technological application. It is an excellent electrical insulators and, unlike their carbon analogues, are non-flammable. The silicone oil is required for all Thomas microdrive systems during the electrode loading process. It is used to fill guide tubes of Thomas microdrive systems to prevent other fluids like blood or liquor cerebrospinals from entering the guide tubes by capillary forces. Chemical name Polydimethylsiloxan; Chemical Formula (C2H6OSi)n; Viscosity (at 25°C) 950-1050 mm2/s Density (at 25°C) 0,97-0,98 g/cm3; Quantity: 100ml bottle
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Cleaning Rod (D=100µm) Cleaning Rod (D=100µm)
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