Thomas Optetrode


Thomas Optetrode

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This is a special offer of Thomas RECORDING Optetrodes.

Thomas RECORDING Optetrode with a 120µm glass fiber and an 96µm Thomas tetrode fiber bundled in a stainless steel tube. The Optetrode has the following technical specifications:

a) Tetrode: fiber type: MEF9514264; fiber material: quartz glass insulated platinum/tungsten fiber; outer diameter: 96µm; number of fiber metal cores: 4; tip shape: pulled & ground, tip profile (A); tip impedance: 1-2MOhm, connector: standard gold sockets female (4021EFL),

b) Optical fiber material: glass; tip shape: ground, tip profile (D); optical fiber strengthened with flexible tube; optical fiber connector: LC

c) Mechanical dimensions:

  • L1: 60mm,
  • L2: 5mm,
  • L3: 50mm (other values on request),
  • L4: 60mm (other values on request)

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